Zenhiser Swirl Classic Retro House WAV

Zenhiser Swirl Classic Retro House WAV

Getting back to where it all started ‘Swirl’ brings the early 90’s classic House sound and fuses it with today’s programming techniques.

The collection clocks in at just over 4GB of content including classic style beats & drum sounds, analogue stabs, piano heavy melodies, acid style 303’s, sharp strings, swung rolls, cuddly chords and style for days. Think back to the early days of Strictly Rhythm, Nervous Records & Dirty Crew Recordings and you’ll know the direction of this sample pack.

Whether you’re reminiscent of the piano hooks of yesteryear or you’re into the sound for the first time round, our old school emitting box of goodness has all the bells and whistles (and white gloves) from the 90’s for todays up to the minute House productions.

We’ve pulled all the retro parts together in one pack to send you back in time when electronic music was a new experience, hugs at raves were standard, dancing in one spot for 8 hours was a weekly ritual, pills were cleaner, water was cheaper, speaker stacks were dangerous and ear ringing was a staple every Thursday to Sunday night.

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