Zenhiser Convex Breakbeat & Electro WAV

Zenhiser Convex Breakbeat & Electro WAV

Basslines that rumble any loose fittings including your cavities, beats to hypnotise and all the drive you need to conquer the Breakbeat and Electro market. ‘Convex’ is the pack you never know you needed to complete your life.

With the devastatingly tasty walls of this sample pack you’ll everything but the kitchen sink, stems, beats, basslines, synth loops, drum sounds, fx and a whole bunch more. The core of the sound wraps its claws around both modern and retro Electro with influences from the Miami, Detroit and Berlin scenes. Think along the lines of ZEN DNA, Cultivated Electronics, Astrophonica and; Mechatronica.

This is one of those packs where words can’t describe how good it is, in this case the preview will do all the talking!

456 Samples

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