Wrongtools Woodwindulator [KONTAKT]

71 woodwind retro analog synths created with vintage electronic circuits and kilometers of tape

  • Patches 71
  • Samples 1194
  • Size 2.9 GB

The Woodwindulator aims to capture the woodwind sounds from a variety of vintage analogue oscillators and synthesizers. Created by sampling sounds that had timbres reminding us of either flutes, clarinets, obos etc, all from old modulars and vintage synths.

71 patches that resemble different takes on “woodwind” electronic timbres.

So instead of recording all kinds of sounds from one particular sound source. The concept for Woodwindulator was to capture wooden sounding timbres from analogue synths. Added with rounds of tapemachines to make them come alive and woobly. Some patches are even tripple-taped.

The interface is scalable. Simple to look at, and ready to play. Advanced options are available behind every control for those who like to dig deeper.

A wide array of sound sculpturing opportunities opens up from the Sculpt section (FX)

A sweet range of clarinet, flute and reed sounds. Made solely from vintage electronics and vintage tapemachines.

The Sculpts versatile effect engine empowers you to craft anything from synth sounds, granular rain to intricate evolving textures.

Get access to the weirdest most wonderful desirable vintage woodwind oscillated sounds ever sampled. Taped sounds that can warm up a any track!

Requires Kontakt v6.7.1+

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