Wrongtools Bell Tone Piano [KONTAKT]

A Kontakt sample-library that expands toy piano’s magical timbres far beyond its curiosity appeal. Performed with sensitivity, grace and top-of-the-line equipment, and sampled with upto 15 velocity layers plus round-robins.

  • 61 PATCHES
  • 2185 SAMPLES
  • SIZE 1.6 GB

Wrongtools wish to pay homage to the instrument that has started many musical careers by sampling it to great depths.

  • 15 DYN. LAYERS x 3 RR

Vintage Toy Pianos vary greatly in personality. This model has wooden mechanics and custom softened hammers (No plastic). It has a mellow naturalness and full-bodied personality.

wooden, no plastic hammers
Many professional toy-piano musicians and film composers prefer Michelsonne pianos because of their sound. Players include Pascal Comelade, Yann Tiersen and Timothée Jolly (wiki).

  • 2185 samples
  • 1,63 GB
  • upto 15 velocity layers X 3RR
  • release samples
  • Mechanical noises
  • Unconventional toy piano samples
  • Experimental toy piano sound library
  • Quirky toy pianos
  • Eccentric toy piano sounds
  • Abstract toy piano textures
  • Bizarre toy piano inspirations
  • Surreal toy piano soundscapes
  • Unorthodox toy piano presets
  • Odd and eerie toy piano tones
  • Toy piano ambient samples
  • Experimental toy piano kontakt patches

The library also includes several other toy-piano experiments and various cinematic toy-piano textures.

The velocity curve option will help you adjust the instrument to your playing style.

Kontakt interface is programmed to be 2x scalable.

Explore new sonic and expressive possibilities with the [FX] engine. Spark your imagination and create the cinematic beautifulness, presented in different XY-pad environments.

As we happen to own quite a few of these miniature pianos, we recorded them all, as a bonus. But the centerpiece, the Michelsonne Toy piano, is full of delicate, expressive sounds. It’s our favourite patch in the library.

The other included toy pianos range from soft, gentle tones to playful quirky, river textures, seductively percussive sounds. Working on a lighthearted, childlike composition, making a creepy horror score or a quirky romantic haze? You might probably find the sound you’re looking for here .

Moving river-like textures included

Requires Kontakt v6.7.1+

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