VOX SEIDS Navigating The Human Heart WAV

VOX SEIDS Navigating The Human Heart WAV

SEIDS (Sabrina Seidman) pronounced ‘sides’ is a singer, songwriter, producer, content creator and educator best known for her highly popular Logic Pro tutorial videos, career building advice and masterclasses for the DIY music producer. Amassing over 200k followers since lockdown, SEIDS shifted back to her songwriting roots and built a global community while sharpening her production chops and building a network of respected brand collaborators such as iZotope, Slate Digital, Sennheiser, Lewitt, Focusrite and many more.

With an infectious MO (modus operandi) to inspire and motive fellow music creators, VOX proudly presents SEIDS: Navigating The Human Heart. An exclusive collection of high quality vocal samples in the form of top-lines, hooks, harmonies, adlibs and phrases that explore the depths of human connection and emotion.

Expect to find a huge offering of both wet and dry processed loops spanning as many as 6 Electronic Dance Music tempos from House; 120, 125, Garage; 130, Sped up dance; 160 and Drum n Bass; 170, 175. SEIDS doesn’t miss with this deeply emotional and beautiful sample pack, making sure every artist and musician has something to dig into.

Download SEIDS: Navigating The Human Heart today and find out what you can create.

329 Samples

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