VOX Hella Soulful RnB Vocals WAV

VOX Hella Soulful RnB Vocals WAV

Hella Soulful R&B Vocals is inspired by the golden voices of artists such as Solange, SZA, Kehlani & Chlöe. Enchanting in their delivery and silken in tone. Full of heartbreak, attitude and sass, this exclusive vocal collection gives us a stunning offering of wet and dry vocal hooks, phrases and soulful adlib loops, both lyrical and non lyrical for adding texture and injecting emotion directly into your productions.

Bound to cling on the heartstrings of every listener, make no mistake these vocals are skillfully written and performed, meticulously recorded and processed, with a variety of one shot vocal FX, impacts and adlibs to boast about.

Fall in love, break up, write killer songs, repeat.

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