VOX Chillhop Vocals & Piano WAV

VOX Chillhop Vocals & Piano WAV

Chill-Hop Vocals and Piano is an exclusive selection of meticulously processed samples perfect for those rainy days, long running work sessions and day dreaming endless hours away. Inspired by YouTube chill-hop compilation playlists designed to aid in sleep, relaxation and concentration. This sample pack encompasses contemplative and introspective lyrics, with a laid back, soothing and jazzy vocal delivery as well as haunting melody loops. Expect to find zoned out vocal processing including formatted, chopped and resampled hook and phrase loops, ad-libs, risers and FX one-shots. Spacey reverbs and lo-fi piano textures perfect for Trap, Drill, Hiphop and Bedroom beats can also be found with soft, romantic melodies, filtered with vinyl wobble and loads of lo-fi character.

Dry vocal processing is provided throughout, less time based reverbs and delayed fx, but the spirit of this genre remains present and rich in every sample by design. Add these melodics and vocal ear candy loops to your beats today and melt into ultimate relaxation.

272 Samples

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