Virtual Riot Bugfix For Some Of The Audio & Instrument-Racks

I was informed that a few of the instrument and audio-effect-racks cause an issue where there is a missing max4live device called “LFO single”. That was my fault I thought it would save this with the rack.

Attached to this post is that missing LFO device as well as a similar MIDI-Envelope device.

The difference between these two devices and their normal counterparts is that I’ve removed the multi-map page, so those “single” versions of the LFO and MIDI-Envelope device can only be connected to ONE parameter.

This can be helpful to reduce CPU load especially when using many LFOs to modulate a lot of parameters with different randomly generated modulations.

I can only give Installation instructions for these two modified devices for MAC OS.

If dragging these into your Ableton window doesn’t work, put these files at the following location:

user > Music > Ableton > User Library > Presets > Audio Effects > Max Audio Effect > LFO single.amxd


user > Music > Ableton > User Library > Presets > MIDI Effects > Max MIDI Effect > Envelope MIDI single.amxd

Sorry for the inconvenience!

However if you are planning to build some crazy chains, racks or generative synthesis patches, feel free to use these devices to save yourself some CPU power! 🙂

Download link