Vinyl Record Collecting For Dummies

Vinyl Record Collecting For Dummies PDF

Vinyl Record Collecting For Dummies teaches you how to start a collection, grow your collection, and make that collection sound excellent. You’ll learn how to shop for new, used, and rare records, and how to select the turntable that’s right for you. Learn how to determine a record’s value, build your collection on a budget, and properly store and maintain your records. This handy Dummies guide also gives you the background knowledge you’ll need to hold your own in conversations with vinyl enthusiasts―all about music genres, the pros and cons of vinyl types, how records are made, and even the history of record collecting itself. Now you can start collecting rare records, new releases, and everything in between.

  • Learn the basics of buying records at record shops, secondhand stores, and online
  • Determine the value of your collection and learn how to recognize great deals
  • Select the turntable and sound system that are right for your needs
  • Explore the history of recorded music and learn why people are going wild for vinyl

This is the perfect Dummies guide for anyone who’s ready to get swept up in the excitement of collecting vinyl records, including beginners and seasoned collectors.

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