Drift into the hypnotic and narcotic world of Trap Soul & R&B Haze: a moody sonic scape filled with tripped-out beats, modded sub bass, futuristic synths and woozy vox for melodic trap, future R&B and soulful electronica.

Tune in and zone out with 1.5GB of innovative loops and one-shot samples pushing the boundaries across trap, future R&B, dark downtempo and future pop. Loaded with precision drum programming, boomin’ sub basses, zeitgeist synthetics, hazy vocal hooks, ambient tones and soulful sonics.

Beats > Slo-mo trap burners, woozy R&B grooves and minimal hip hop beats. You get the full drum mixes and all the solo stems as standard. All beats are precision-engineered and tempo-synced for authentic and innovative beat-building in minutes. An additional folder of percussion loops gives you more wave and trap-inspired rhythm options.

Bass > boomin’ 808isms , subliminal subs, ambient drones and dark tones: 30 heavyweight bass loops that work all the right frequencies! All loops are key-labeled and supplied with MIDI versions for maximum bass options.

Synths > Futuristic synths, atmospheric sounds and retro-inspired elements: ambient chords, wavy portamento leads, emotive synth plucks, 80s-electro tones, hazy lo-fi leads and more. All key-labeled and offered with MIDI versions.

Melodic Cuts > 12 fully-mixed melodic motifs spanning trap, future pop, dark R&B, soulful electronica and more. Each one comes with a full mix, solo stems and the appropriate MIDI files for those seeking maximum sampling and programming flexibility!

Track Tools > 4 extended hypnotic and narcotic track-starters comprising intro + drop. Loaded with pin-point drums, futuristic melodics and hazy atmospherics, you can cherry-pick your favourite loops for other projects or rework these tools into fresh tracks. Either way, there’s stacks of loops waiting to be mined. All key-labeled and tempo-synced for total flexibility.

Vocals > 14 re-pitched and re-worked vocal hooks oozing with trapped soul and future R&B emotion. Laser-cut and tempo-labeled for instant drag and drop action – plus key-labeled for added convenience. Instant trap bliss and R&B soul.

FX > Custom transitions, risers, reverses and spot FX brimming with dynamics and atmospherics.

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