Flex your music production muscles with this epic House & Techno hybrid! All the “feels” guaranteed

Inspired by the nostalgic and emotive sound of Bicep, this era-spanning collection is bursting with old-school vibes, ravey breaks, euphoric synths, anthemic glitch-vocals and sultry subs inspired by the musical breadth of the blogosphere.

With a focus on melody, harmony and texture we’ve recorded fresh breaks engineered modular synths and refurbished analogue classics into a digital download the boys from Belfast themselves would be tempted by. Imbued with flexibility, punch and impact we’ve provided all relevant stems, MIDI required for your next melodic banger.

Drum Loops > 148 roof-raising electronic grooves and house rhythms making the most out of 4/4 beats and rave-inspired breakbeat hybrids. Served at 129bpm with all constituent stems.

Break Loops > Custom drum-breaks, modular sequences and other rhythmic goodies inspired by the classic breaks of old. Bursting with character and identity these break loops are all served at 129bpm with constituent stems.

Chord Sequences > Dense polyphonic sequences rendered from classic and contemporary analogue & modular set-ups. Sequenced for depth and intrigue all the loops here are served at 129bpm with the relevant MIDI files.

Pad Loops > 20 evolving and immersive pads and polyphonic beds touched with just the right amount of noise and grit – Served at 129bpm with MIDI as standard.

Lead Loops > Nostalgic and emotive melodies and phrases utilising a pleasant touch of reverb, delay and other idiosyncratic processing. All the lead loops are key/tempo labelled at 129bpm and served with MIDI.

Bass Loops > Deep rumbling subs, acid riffs and drone bass-lines. Melodic and mixed to perfection, these bass loops are served at 129bpm with all relevant MIDI files.

Vocals > An electronic treasure-trove of reverb-drenched impacts, tastefully harmonised vocal pads and stuttering, portamento melodies created from a range of vocalists.

Synth Sequences > Ethereal arpeggios and crunchy synth sequences generated from experimental sequencers – 20 moving and grooving melodic riffs at 129bpm.

Drum Hits > Kicks, hats, percs, claps and more! A solid selection of house & techno shots to write your own breakbeat house and techno with.

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