Ulagumo Cutup Toolkit (Deluxe Version) WAV

Ulagumo Cutup Toolkit (Deluxe Version) WAV

“I want to put a bass drop between songs, but I don’t know how to make a sound…”

“I don’t have an expensive plug-in, but I want to try making bass music…”

We have created a Samplepack of selected Bass Samples for you. This one is compatible with Dubstep, Complextro, Techcore, Glitchhop, and ColourBass!

In addition, presets of FL’s built-in plug-in “ZGameEditor Visualizer” are also included! You can even make a cool MV with this one!

In addition, the paid version adds project files for Drum, FX, additional Bass Sample, and demo song! It may be a reference for songwriting substance

Deluxe Ver:

  • Bass oneshot 71
  • Bass loop 2
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer Preset 3
  • Demo project file (FLstudio 21) 4
  • FX 28
  • Kick 10
  • Long glitch 32

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