Toolbox Samples Innocent Voices WAV

Toolbox Samples Innocent Voices WAV

The “Innocent Voices” sample pack features a collection of pristine vocal recordings, capturing the innocent and youthful essence of childhood. This unique pack contains a variety of child-like phrases, including playful giggles, sweet expressions, and endearing laughter. Ideal for genres such as lo-fi, hip hop, trap, pop, and voiceovers, the vocals in this sample pack will bring a nostalgic and comforting feel to your tracks.

Each vocal has been carefully selected and edited to ensure maximum usability and quality, providing you with a versatile range of sounds to work with. The “Innocent Voices” sample pack is perfect for adding emotional depth and a unique layer to your productions,. With its high-quality recordings and child-like phrases, the “Innocent Voices” sample pack is a must-have for any producer looking to add a touch of innocence to their music. Contents: 41x Child Voice Phrases

Toolbox Samples is a uk based company aimed on giving you all killer and no filler, with 100% royalty free samples. Our packs are small and streamlined, focused on high quality loops as Our team of experts and devoted artists will provide you with innovative Sounds. Whether you are looking at adding that extra touch to your tracks, or looking to spark creativity, toolbox samples will have a home in your sample library cupboard!

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