Toolbox Pro: Sampling & Sound Design (Masterclass)

Toolbox Pro: Sampling & Sound Design (Masterclass) TUTORIAL

Welcome to Toolbox Pro! In this Masterclass you will learn all about Sampling & Sound Design.

I’m gonna show you my workflow and my techniques. From changing the tempo, the pitch, stretching and filtering to further manipulating the idea like EQ’ing and applying compression as well as other effects.

This Masterclass will give you an in-depth, detailed insight into my workflow and knowledge from 20+ years as Producer and Sound Designer.

Toolbox Pro: Masterclass Overview:

  • Module: Sampling & Sound Design
  • Video Tutorial Course
  • 7 in-depth videos
  • Detailed workflows, production knowledge, favorite plug-in’s and more
  • Recorded and narrated by Producer and Sound Designer Julez Jadon

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition
  3. Techniques To Get Started
  4. Alternative Ways
  5. Manipulating The Initial Idea
  6. Further Processing
  7. Bouncing + Re-Sampling

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