The Complete Afro-House Production Masterclass [TUTORIAL]

The Complete Afro-House Production Masterclass [TUTORIAL]

Welcome to my Afro-House master class with over 60 minutes of in-depth videos of how I produced the track
The Angels – JUNGLE WALK.

this is the most comprehensive Afro-House production course available on Udemy and possibly anywhere online.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert producer, this course will teach you fresh and new techniques to take your Afro productions to the next level.

We will open the Project file of my track The Angels – Jungle Walk – out on the leading label in Afro-House “Godeeva” – which got to the top 10# afro houses on Beatport and is supported by big names like Joeski, Dj Chus, Black Coffe, and more

What will you gain from completing the course?

  • Understand how To get that Afro-House Vibe
  • Learn from a professional Producer
  • Dive into an actual commercially Successful release
  • Learn how to program Drums and make them sound natural
  • Learn how to get a proper vocal
  • How to get a correct arrangement
  • Using Fx, Drone, and pads to create emotion
  • Emphasis on Percussion leading the groove
  • Mix an Afro House track using EQ, Compression, Saturation, etc.
  • Use plugins to achieve stereo width and depth
  • Sidechain elements to each other, including effects
  • Master your track to the correct LUFS levels for streaming & the dance floor.

Additional Content:

  • Drum Samples
  • Vocal Chain
  • Synth Presets

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