That Sound Hihat Heaven WAV

That Sound Hihat Heaven WAV

Hihats forever. This pack from That Sound has everything, we mean everything, you might need when it comes to the hihats. Hihat Heaven was recorded in a studio using modern mic’ing techniques, but just removing the other drums! Imagine a drummer playing the hihats without the snare, kick and toms – that is what is happening in this pack. So, where a snare is hit in a normal groove, a snare was (imaginatively) hit in this pack.

This pack has loops recorded on various sized hihats played across a very wide range of tempos and detailed one shots recorded on 13 through to 16 inch hihats.

This pack contains only hihats! The other drums in the demo are not apart of the pack but are for you to hear the hihats in context.

631 Samples

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