Test Press Serum GEN Z D&B WAV MIDI FXP

Test Press Serum GEN Z D&B WAV MIDI FXP

Test Press produces another excellent Serum preset pack, Serum GEN Z D&B.

Serum GEN Z D&B captures all the nuances of modern commercial Drum & Bass and is by one of the leading producers in UK electronic music. It captures some of the most iconic sounds delivering a range of styles from trap to indie guitar to flutey liquid and jump-up D&B and encompasses a good cross-section of sounds.

Vocalist – Aylene

Aylene grew up in a musical family, immersing herself in melodies from a young age. She discovered a passion for music and sound after mastering the piano early on. After the success of her innovative ‘Aylene – new wave trap vocals’ and collaborations alongside the industry’s brightest stars, Aylene is now back, ready to set the world on fire and deliver game-changing vocals to producers worldwide.

Each preset gives you creative control over shaping the sound to tailor to place into your productions precisely. The presets also utilize all of the four macro parameters. Furthermore, we create each preset to use Serum’s parameters and make them as intuitive as possible.

The presets in this pack can also be used for other music genres, such as Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Grime, Drill, Trap, and other forms of Bass Music.

Note that the included samples for each preset provide just one example of using the automation parameters to manipulate your sound.

  • 142 Samples
  • 100 Presets
  • 64 MIDI

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