Test Press Redpill Neurofunk Sample Pack [WAV Vital & Serum]

Introducing the Redpill Neurofunk Sample Pack – the same sounds powering my electrifying tracks are now yours to wield. Immerse yourself in over 340 samples, complemented by 30 Serum and 30 Vital advanced presets, all exclusive to this pack. To demonstrate their prowess, I’ve crafted two demos showcasing their versatility. One demo even includes a Bitwig Template and a Video for added insight. Crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail and sonic finesse that defines my music, this collection is your gateway to creating futuristic, heavy Drum and Bass or Bass music that captivates attention. Join the ranks of producers pushing boundaries and ignite dancefloors worldwide.

REDPILL, the creative moniker of Rémi Jorquera, stands as a prolific force within the Drum and; Bass realm, renowned for his cutting-edge and genre-defying sound. Embarking on his solo journey in 2016, REDPILL has garnered recognition for his releases on esteemed labels such as Blackout, Eatbrain, Vision, Virus, Neosignal, Nexus, and the formerly active Invisible imprint. His artistry thrives on the synergy of fierce basslines and entrancing melodies, resulting in an extensive body of work celebrated by both critics and enthusiasts.

In addition to his solo ventures, REDPILL’s collaborative endeavors have linked him with titans of the Drum and; Bass domain, including luminaries like Noisia, A.M.C, Black Sun Empire, Phace and; Misanthrop, Audio, Prolix, Pythius, and more. These collaborations and remixes have solidified his reputation as a trailblazing and influential figure in the genre.

Recent years have witnessed REDPILL honing a distinctive sonic signature – a fusion of commanding bass weight and intricate rhythms, adorned with a futuristic gloss and interwoven with computerized vocal elements. This marriage of the “clean and dirty” sonic spectrum has cultivated a devoted fan base that rallies behind his musical innovations.

341 Samples, 60 Presets

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