Test Press High Tea 'Melodic Jump Up & Future Neuro' WAV

Test Press High Tea ‘Melodic Jump Up & Future Neuro’ WAV

High Tea Music is back on Splice with their third release, “High Tea Melodic Jump Up and Future Neuro”. This time, they venture into the futuristic realms of Drum & Bass, stepping away from their signature dancefloor sound.

But don’t worry, they didn’t go blindly into the unknown. They brought along some of the most talented and skilled artists in the scene to contribute to the pack. You’ll find some serious drum, bass, synth and effect samples and presets by Basstripper, BLVCK CROWZ, T & Sugah, Josh Lovis/Trinist, Fryware and Falcon, that will help you craft modern and fresh melodic jump up and neurofunk tunes.

And that’s not all. They also included vocals from DnB vocalist Mara Necia, who has collaborated with T & Sugah on numerous tracks, as well as MC vocals from Multiplex, widely regarded as the best MC in the Netherlands.

Each Serum patch is intuitive and playable and makes use of the modulation parameters, including the four macro controls.

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