Temples of Silence Studios Delay Troll

Temples of Silence Studios Delay Troll v1.0.0 [WIN & MacOS]

Delay Troll: An efficient multi-tap delay for unique sounds in seconds.
Inspired by the desire to redefine delay design, Delay Troll was born from a need to simplify the multi-tap delay experience. We wanted to create a tool where large numbers of delay taps don’t mean a tedious setup process. At the heart of our design philosophy is the idea that creativity should flow effortlessly, free from cumbersome interfaces. Dive in, and with just a few clicks, unlock distinctive sounds and enjoy an intuitive, fun-filled user journey.

Key Features:

  • ✓ 64 delay taps
  • ✓ BPM Sync
  • ✓ Feedback
  • ✓ Modulate parameters using customizable LFOs and Bezier Curves
  • ✓ Individual tap control of pitch, pan, EQ, and volume levels
  • ✓ Skip the tedious task of setting parameters individually. Use bezier curves to smoothly set values efficiently
  • ✓ Gravity Control: Define the time for the first and last tap, and let the gravity knob distribute the middle taps efficiently using an Delay Troll’s custom gravity algorithm (Other methods of tap time distribution available)
  • ✓ Smooth Time Adjustment: With the smooth knob, seamlessly control the speed at which delay taps adjust to new times and fine tune your pitch drifts

Delay Troll is not just a delay plugin; it’s a sound designer’s dream, offering unprecedented control and modulation possibilities. Whether you are producing ambient soundscapes, pop hits, or experimental sound art, Delay Troll from Temples of Silence Studios will be an invaluable tool in your audio arsenal.

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