Tailoredsonics Phonk: Roots Drum Kit WAV

Tailoredsonics Phonk: Roots Drum Kit WAV

Back to the Roots! This drum kit is a tribute to the original BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-660, the iconic drum machine responsible for the distinctive and gritty sound of 95% of the Memphis rap beats from the ’90s.Our kit contains meticulously sampled and expertly processed sounds from the DR-660, capturing the raw and unpolished essence of that era’s underground trap music. With this kit, you can add that authentic Memphis sound to your productions and bring a piece of hip-hop history to your music.

Note: The NFO Files contained in the Drumkit are there to reskin the folders in FL Studio. Feel free to remove or edit them at any time.

This Drumkit contains 603 Files, WAV 24 Bit at 44.1kHz (both processed and unprocessed):

  • 146 Snares and Claps
  • 130 Percs
  • 102 Kicks
  • 78 Toms
  • 22 Hihats
  • 14 Crashes
  • 12 808s
  • 10 Sticks
  • 42 Samples
  • 42 Vocals
  • 5 Drum Loops

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