Synth Ctrl Italo Disco Serum Presets [FXP]

Synth Ctrl Italo Disco Serum Presets [FXP]

Covering everything from the classic glitz of Italo Disco era this Serum preset pack is a genuine homage to a genre undergoing a significant revival, with gorgeous patches that recreate the iconic sound of Pet Shop Boys, Giorgio Moroder, and Kraftwerk.
This sonic excerpt of 80s highlights the best collection of presets you need with a pack filled with groovy basslines, shimmering synths, funked-out leads, outrageously funky arps, and more.
So get your groove on with its oozing disco dancefloor inspiration and get a taste of that 80s Italo Disco we all love.

What’s included? More than 120 Serum Presets:

  • 16 Arps Presets
  • 20 Bass Presets
  • 4 Brass Presets
  • 13 Guitar Presets
  • 34 Keys Presets
  • 15 Lead Presets
  • 9 Pad Presets
  • 10 Pluck Presets

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