Synth Ctrl Dark Cyberpunk (Serum Presets) [FXP]

Our Dark Cyberpunk Serum pack brings you all of the dystopian and industrial sounds you need, get a diverse range of cyberpunk presets from gritty basses, distorted leads atmospheric pads that you can use in any genre.

These sounds will help you to bring dark sci-fi worlds to life in your music with a futuristic vision of the world where technology has merged with society and advanced beyond a human scale.

This boundary-breaking pack offers all the presets for you to ravage your tracks with an exemplary Cyberpunk sound.

More than 120 Serum Presets

  • 24 Arps Presets
  • 51 Bass Presets
  • 10 Keys Presets
  • 13 Lead Presets
  • 20 Pad Presets
  • 4 Pluck Presets

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