Splice Originals Velvet Room WAV

Splice Originals Velvet Room WAV

Created by Erick Bardales, Splice Originals: Velvet Room was inspired by the Anderson .Paak style of production with Erick’s own twist on the melodies. He collaborated with drummer Wayne “Doc” Matthews from CoolNasty for this pack who played on a Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit.

For the gear heads out there, Erick told us all about their recording setup. They recorded the drums at EQT Studios in downtown LA using a stereo pair of Neumanns KM184 for the overheads going into the Apollo x8 and using the UAD 1084 unison preamps. They used a Neumann u87 for the snare drum, going into a Rupert Neve Shelford channel, and an Audix D6 going into a BAE 1084 preamp for the kick drum.

Erick used XLN RC20 and Audiothing Reels to process the drums and give them that drum break sample vibe, along with UAD VOG by Little Labs on the kick drum to give it some body and low end. For the melodic loops, he used The Prince by Frank Dukes, ANA2, Mellotron M4000D Mini, and Prophet REV2. He used Ozone 8, Sonnox Inflator, The God Particle by Jaycen Joshua, and Fabfilter Pro L2 on his mix bus.

  • 149 loops
  • 123 one shots

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