Spitfire Audio Aperture Orchestra [KONTAKT]

From an intimate strings to a rapturous symphony
We have harnessed the power of four different orchestral sections to release the beastly power of strings, brass, and woodwind. Move seamlessly from a quintet of solo players performing at the softest level, right up to a full symphonic orchestra playing at full pelt — all in the same instrument. Featuring 30 essential articulations, the library ~6GB enables you to achieve new levels of expression by controlling both dynamics and the number of players simultaneously, giving you incredible focus, texture, and magnitude — an imagined aperture in sound.

The beast within
Expertly recorded in The Hall at London’s AIR Studios, scoring stage for some of the biggest blockbuster films, including Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, and Interstellar — we offer you the most explosive orchestra that we have ever created, almost impossible to recreate live.

The Aperture Orchestra
Aperture Orchestra works on the basis of an imagined aperture in sound. At the bottom of the dynamic range, the library features close recordings of single string players playing at the softest level. As you increase the dynamics, the size of the ensemble also increases, until you are playing a full symphonic orchestra.

A collection of presets from intimate to action in an instant, create tension with the softest string layers, building the intensity when releasing the full orchestral beast.

  • Raptor Long
  • Titan Long
  • Punchy Long
  • Raptor Shorts
  • Titan Shorts
  • Punchy Shorts
  • Muted
  • Extra Muted
  • Monumental Shorts
  • Cosmic Shorts
  • Pizzicato & Woods
  • Pizzicato & Brass
  • Spiccato & Woods
  • Spiccato & Brass
  • Col Legno
  • Overblown Shorts

A collection of presets offering stunning clouds of orchestras, blooming from light and textured strings to a widescreen beautiful and effected full orchestral ambiance.

  • Flautando Clouds
  • Flautando Ripples
  • Sul Tasto Clouds
  • Sul Tasto Ripples
  • Soft Grains
  • Sul Pont Clouds
  • Sul Pont Bends
  • Sul Pont Pulses
  • Tremolo Flutters
  • Tremolo Ripples
  • Harmonics & Woods
  • Harmonics & Brass
  • Soft Brass Shorts
  • Soft Woods Shorts

Requirements: Kontakt FULL or Kontakt Player v5.6.8 or higher!

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