Soundtrack Loops Cyberpunk Unrest MMXXI WAV

Soundtrack Loops Cyberpunk Unrest MMXXI WAV

Cyberpunk Unrest MMXXI comes from our Italian friend Belibat, a visionary producer and Soundtrack Loops veteran. The Belibat sound spans genres, subgenres, eras, and highly specific American and European pop, rock, and classic electronic music influences. His understanding is both comprehensive and completely contemporary, and that’s why he can get away with gestures that would come off as cliché in the hands of a less capable producer. Here on Cyberpunk Unrest, Belibat digs down into the roots of industrial music and comes back with great stuff, scented with electro, cold wave, synthwave and retrowave vibes.

As standard practice for all loops created by the Soundtrack Loops team, Key and BPM are tagged in both metadata and file names.

Features: 110 Royalty Free Cyberpunk Loops | 39 One-Shots | Universal .WAV


  • 110 Cyberpunk Loops
  • 39 One-Shots
  • 100 – 110 BPMs
  • 24 bit 48.1 Stereo Files
  • Works in all DAWS

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