Soundscapes Chakra Tones [WAV]

Soundscapes Chakra Tones [WAV]

Originating in Hindu and Buddhist traditions dating back as far as 1,000 B.C.E., chakras are powerful energy centers located in certain parts of your body. There are seven primary chakras, or seven energy centers, located along the center channel of the body, each with their own corresponding meaning for your wellbeing, their own color, frequency, and musical note. Restoring harmony to your chakras through mediation, yoga, breath work, and sound healing can restore harmony to your life.

Musicians Alyssa Castiglia and Julian Soto ventured into the foothills of Mt Shasta, a nearly 15,000-foot-high mountain in Northern California, that is considered the root chakra of the world. The root chakra represents our most instinctive connection to the earth beneath our feet, and Mount Shasta is the base of the Earth’s energy system, from which all life stems. Along with Roxy Ghoraishy, from Modern School of Mystics, the trio recorded an array of singing bowls, crystal bowls, animal hide drums, seed rattles, and other ancient instruments traditionally used to align our chakras.

Chakra Tones is a culmination of their work and a glimpse into the ancient practice of balancing chakras. Edited by producer Miette Hope, these files have been edited to fit a multitude of practical contexts. Snag some beautiful singing bowl one shots for your next mediation or yoga soundtrack or grab some melodic stacks of tongue drums and seed rattles that give your track a spiritual undertone. These sounds have been used for thousands of years and now it is time for you to build on their legacy. Explore these chakra tones and explore yourself in the process.

  • 98 loops
  • 102 one shots

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