SOUND7 Obsession Cyberwave Vol.1 [FXP]

65 Outstanding sounding Synthwave focused presets for Synapse Audio Obsession synth. Aimed squarely at Synthwave, Cyberwave, Outrun and Vaporwave styles.

Stereo chorused basses, crisp outrunner lead sounds, subtle synthwave style arp sounds and shimmering pads reminiscent of digital cruises along the 8bit Miami shoreline

We’ve utilised Obsessions’ high quality triple FX unit with sounds taking on the stunning shimmer reverb to give luxurious synthwave backing pads and FX and making the most of the stereo chorus and delay to widen out the synthwave sound palette to ensure your sounds can drop straight in with zero configuration needed.

What’s included?

  • 17 Bass
  • 19 Leads
  • 9 Pads
  • 4 PadFX
  • 17 Synths

Installation instructions included.

Note these are VSTi presets only. We have no means to test for Rack Extension however some users have reported compatibility by exporting .repatch format from the Obsession VSTi, exporting to .repatch format and then importing into the rack extension.

Download link

Demo Preview:

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