Sound Dust Rubber Bass 2 [KONTAKT]

Kala Ukelele bass – robust, with a lovely rubbery bottom
8 randomised round robins per note
145MB download
handy arpeggiator

Rubber Bass 2 is sampled from a funny little Kala ukulele bass. It’s about the size of a kid’s guitar and has big fat rubber strings which are a nightmare to tune.

It’s not very loud acoustically but when DI’d it has a wonderful round, rubbery bottom end with a lovely hint of twang which belies its tiny stature. It’s a little bit double bassy with a hint of P Bass, but essentially it has a character all of its own.

Whats Inside ?
8 randomised round robins per note
145MB download
Fingered ( velocity 0-119) and Picked (velocity 120-127) articulations
Full range of all 4 strings sampled
Humanized ARP/sequencer
Transient, Tape, Amp and Cabinet modelling.
3 band EQ
a hint of Room reverb
everything is automatable

Download link