Sonic Collective Sitar & Tabla Abstractions WAV

Recorded, in Dhaka. Bangladesh, multi-instrumentalist Nishit Dey and producer Enayet stretch the possibilities of the sitar and tabla with experimental playing techniques and treatments. Unconventional tabla strokes––playing with nails, striking the rim and using the elbow to mute––and modifications of the sitar–– dampening sympathetic strings with fabric tied around the neck––are explored. Sequenced modular effects, buffer-based manglers, granular processors, low-pass gates and wave-folders are applied to taste for a variety of textures and colors not typically heard from the instruments. Finished with an Elysia Xpressor, Analog Heat and Blackbox saturation, this is a carefully crafted collection of electroacoustic tones.

Sitar and Tabla performed by Nishit Dey

Produced by Enayet

178 Samples

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