Smuggled Audio Smuggled Keys Vol.11 (Compositions) [WAV]

Smuggled Keys Vol. 11 is back with another volume full of creepy melodies and eerie synth loops inspired by 80’s horror soundtracks and european synth-prog rock. All compositions were created using mostly vintage hardware synthesizers and FX pedals for TRUE analog warmth and tone. Smuggled Keys can be heard on tracks featuring artists such as Benny The Butcher, RJ Payne, Nems, Flee Lord and more. All compositions were bounced to tape on a 1972 TEAC 3300s reel 2 reel then bounce back into Logic for vintage analog texture and warmth.

GEAR USED: Farfisa Combo Compact, Sequential Circuits Six Trak, Moog Grandmother, Ensoniq SQ-80, Roland JX3P, Korg MInilogue XD, UA Dream 65 Pedal, 70’s Smallstone Phaser, Instant Lo-fi Junky pedal, Roland DC-50 Chorus, Maestro EP-4 Tape Echo and TEAC 3300s Reel 2 Reel Tape Machine

All compositions are BPM & Key labeled and are available as compositions and compositions + stems. Ready to use in WAV. format to use in any DAW (Logic, Pro tools etc) or beat making software/sampler (Reason, Ableton, FLstudio, Maschine, Mpc Renaissance, Ableton PUSH etc)

All files are in 44.1k / 16 Bit

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