SM Sleazy Beats 3 [WAV MIDI

SM Sleazy Beats 3 [WAV MIDI PRESETS]

From dusty and dissonant to lo-fi and left-field – Sleazy Beats 3 returns with a grab bag selection of jarring reworked jazz hooks, crunchy MPC drums, rustic reworked melodics and singular sound design covering the very best of the ever-evolving underground beat scene. Sleazy Beats 3 Low-Key Hip-hop offers an assortment of loops, drum hits and one-shots drawing influences from various styles such as the low end theory scene, old school hip-hop. chillout and downtempo.

Delicately designed and crafted – Sleazy Beats 3 is the summation of extensive reworking and resamples, 12-bit sampling, chopping & screwing soul and jazz cuts and running it through extensive outboard such as tape, cassette, vintage consoles and compressors, all in the name of creating an exhilarating and inspiring selection primed fr the forward thinking producer.

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