Skillshare Using Suno Version 3 to Compose AI Music [TUTORIAL]

It didn’t take long folks, AI generation has taken yet another huge leap forward as Suno AI releases the Alpha version of their ‘Version 3’ AI Generation tool on their website.

If you took my other SkillShare AI Music Composition course, then you’re well aware of the capabilities of Version 2. However, Version 3 is a game-changer and I absolutely had to present a class that teaches these differences and demonstrates the power that’s now available to composers.

For the first time, generated AI music is now capable of producing music that you can add your own samples (including vocals) to, allowing for customisation like never before. It also now exports in higher quality and provides lots more innovations on top. For the first time, AI is now a viable option and tool for proper music production.

Those looking to take this class would benefit from having a DAW music production software installed, as well as a pro subscription to Suno which is necessary to access version 3 but not necissary for version 2. I’ll also be demonstrating the plugins ‘Serum’ and ‘Valhalla SuperMassive’ in this class.

Download link