Skillshare Composing Lofi Beats [TUTORIAL]

Skillshare Composing Lofi Beats [TUTORIAL]

People often put lofi on and allow themselves to drift off to sleep, or let it play as the background to their work or study. Most gaming streamers play lofi from Spotify over the top of their streams, and many YouTubers score their videos with lofi.

It’s an incredibly popular style of music, and a great choice for composers who want to start making money from their craft. A lot of streamers have made it clear that there’s not enough lofi on Spotify and they want more options to choose from, and that’s where you can come in.

You can start making your own lofi beats, putting them on Spotify, and making money every time people use your tracks. It’s not difficult music to make as it requires no performance or singing, and provides a real use for lots of people.

In this class, I’m going to show you the basic when it comes to making compelling lofi. We’ll make a track together that I’ll be adding to my next Spotify album. If you’ve ever wanted to get into this style of music, I encourage you to join in and make lofi along with us.

I’m using Ableton Live 11 in this class, along with Spitfire Labs and Valhalla Supermassive plugins. I also use Rift for audio filtering and Serum for synthesis.

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