Signal Path Ayoni Soulful Vocals WAV

Signal Path Ayoni Soulful Vocals WAV

The team at Splice’s Sound Factory had the honor of recording a vocal pack with Barbadian-born artist Ayoni, a true star on the rise. Based in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist is redefining what pop music can be. Having lived in America, Indonesia, and Singapore, she draws her inspiration from a rich musical soundscape informed by these beautiful cultures.

With her self-composed and produced debut project, “Iridescent,” Ayoni introduced her musical style of bending genre to her will with intricate vocal arrangements and poetic lyrics. With a talent for piano, guitar, and technical production, she pushes the sonic boundaries by infusing her moody and ethereal pop sound with the beautiful adaptation of island soul. Ayoni’s presence in music will be a revolutionary one, as made apparent in her collaborations with and contributions to artists and projects such as Noname (including co-writes and an NPR Tiny Desk appearance), Ricky Reed, and others.

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