Shroom Samples 80's Babies (Compositions) [WAV]

Shroom Samples 80’s Babies (Compositions) [WAV]

80’s Babies is a sample library inspired by 80’s Prog Rock bands like Foreigner, Yes etc. It contains 10 original compositions.

Two of the samples contain vocals from Ian Lloyd, a legendary singer who did most of the background vocals for the bands Foreigner, Yes and Billy Joel. He also was the lead singer for the band The Stories on their huge hit “Brother Louie”.

What you get:

  • 10 Original Compositions (inspired by 80’s Prog Rock)
  • All Original
  • Vintage Sound
  • Created with Juno 106, Prophet 6 and Real Instruments
  • Mixed with Analog Gear (Solid State Logic etc)
  • Recorded to Analog Tape (Studer Revox)

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