Seven Sounds Subliminal Pop Verses Vol.3 [WAV MIDI]

We present volume 3 of subliminal pop verses, a pack specially inspired by some pop/rock subgenres such as Hyper Pop, Dark Pop, Pop Rock, with vocals designed with the specific vibe for each genre. This pack was inspired by artists like Bella Poarch, Billie Eilish, Charli XCX, Machine Gun Kelly and many more artists. It contains homemade Foley One shots, 4 vocals recorded with different microphone emulators from Slate Digital’s VMS-ML1 and much more content. This content is 100% royalty-free. Contains lyrics.

Product Details:

  • 02 Pitch Vocals
  • 03 Atmospheric Vocals
  • 03 SFX
  • 08 Music Loops
  • 11 Vocals Loops Wet
  • 12 Vocals Loops Dry
  • 13 Midi
  • 30 Foley One Shots
  • 30 One Shots
  • 33 Drum Loops
  • 33 Instrumental Loops

Download link

Demo Preview: