Rhythm Paints Moussa Dioubate: multi- instrumentalist WAV

Rhythm Paints Moussa Dioubate: multi-instrumentalist WAV

Moussa Dioubate is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist from Conakry, Guinea who has been living with relatives in Banjul, Gambia for almost a year. He performed in this pack Bolon (a bass stringed instrument attached to gourd), a Balafone (wooden xylofone from West Africa), and an Ngoni ( a multi string instrument similar to the Kora) Moussa is an amazing person and musician whos talents can be hard in this pack with raw musicianship, rare instruments, and powerful tradition. Check this pack to find inspiration for your next creations! Majority of proceeds go directly to Moussa. Keep an eye out for more from Rhythm Paints!

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