Revealed Recordings Radar Acapella Pack Vol.3 WAV

Revealed Recordings Radar Acapella Pack Vol.3 WAV

Waxel⁠⁠ MrWhite⁠ Gangi⁠ Alessa⁠ PØP CULTUR⁠ Bryant Powell⁠ Maryn⁠ Eline Esmee⁠ Franny J.⁠ Joseph Crawford⁠ Elle Vee⁠ Jukx⁠ Jetason⁠ Versus⁠ King Marino⁠ Roy Orion⁠ Riley James⁠ Natalie Major⁠ AKI-HIRO⁠ OUTRAGE⁠ NAEMS⁠ Onyra⁠ ⁠Mike Bond⁠ Richie Loop⁠ Sanjin⁠ Fablers⁠ Arvenius⁠ Kaiz3n⁠ Robbie Hutton⁠ Meikle⁠ Robbie Rosen⁠ Holly⁠ Xtina Louise⁠

Revealed Radar Acapella Pack Vol. 3 is a collection of 12 toplines from various artists and vocalists.

Pimp your track with vocals from Alessa, Jetason, Robbie Rosen, and more!


  • 1. Waxel, MrWhite & Gangi feat. Alessa – Tomorrow (Acapella)
  • 2. PØP CULTUR feat. Bryant Powell – Fall With Me (Acapella)
  • 3. Maryn feat. Eline Esmee – Falling For You (Acapella)
  • 4. Franny J. & Joseph Crawford feat. Elle Vee – Never Turning Back (Acapella)
  • 5. Jukx & Jetason – Hurricane (Acapella)
  • 6. Versus feat. King Marino – Street King (Acapella)
  • 7. Roy Orion & Riley James feat. Natalie Major – Neon Skies (Acapella)
  • 8. AKI-HIRO, OUTRAGE & NAEMS feat. Onyra – Rave Of The Future (Acapella)
  • 9. Mike Bond, Richie Loop & Sanjin – Jump Up (Acapella)
  • 10. Fablers, Arvenius & Kaiz3n feat. Robbie Hutton – Everything Tonight (Acapella)
  • 11. Meikle, Riley James & Robbie Rosen – Wasted (Acapella)
  • 12. Holly & Roy Orion feat. Xtina Louise – Dive In (Acapella)

Please note: All rights reserved. All re-selling or trading of this acapella pack is strictly prohibited. You’re not allowed to sell your track or remix using these vocals to portals such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

This pack is not Royalty-Free.

For non-commercial use only.

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