Renraku Vision.EXE – The Drum Collection WAV

Vision.EXE returns to Renraku with THE DRUM COLLECTION. Diving deep into his massive studio, Vision.EXE has sampled, processed, and arranged many of the classic drum machine sounds that top hitmaking producers have relied upon for years.

An instant classic. This collection features updated and processed sounds from some of the most iconic drum machines including: Roland TR-808, ,Alesis HR- 16, Boss DR55, CR 68, CR 78, DR 550, Drumulator, EMU SP 12, Kawai R50, Korg 01W, LINN 9000, Oberheim DMX , Roland 505, Roland 707, Roland 727, Roland CR 78, Roland R8, Roland TR 909, RY30, RZ 1, Simmons SDS 5, Yamaha RX5, Yamaha RX7, Yamaha RX15, Yamaha RY 30.

With a modern update applied to so many classic sounds, THE DRUM COLLECTION is sure to make its way into the toolkit of many a beatmaker.

1145 Samples

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