Renraku Fake Love 2 WAV

Renraku Fake Love 2 WAV

Picking up where FAKE LOVE left off, FAKE LOVE 2 brings an even greater array of lush sounds, perfect for sculpting into rich arrangements. Included in FAKE LOVE 2 are full music loops intended to assist in capturing a vibe for visual media, providing a glint of inspiration, or to simply vibe with on repeat.

Larger than life pads, strings, and melodic loops combined with crisp and robust percussion samples form the basis of the pack while haunting and ethereal vocal chops show up to deliver an outstanding way to instantly add vibes to a track. Whether you’re going for a light and airy sound, or something more sultry and inviting. FAKE LOVE 2 delivers the right toolkit for the job.

234 Samples

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