Renraku Casiio Organic Drums WAV

Casiio makes his debut to the Renraku catalog with Organic Drums, a kit built from the ground up to inspire anyone looking for that special sauce for their lofi hiphop tracks.

Casiio’s penchant for foley laden, heartfelt sounds come through loud and clear in this kit. With delicate loops, one shots, and melodic hooks – Casiio’s Organic Drum kit has all that you need to craft an intricate lofi track.

Stumble through a vintage sonic wormhole with this earthy, imperfect kit. Lovingly assembled from thrift store relics and the echoes of eras gone by, this kit bottles the uniquely dusty, off-kilter warmth of true analog nostalgia.

Let your inspiration be driven by crunchy beats, vinyl crackles, and all the deliciously idiosyncratic character that raw, unprocessed live recordings impart. Embrace the quirks and pops – that’s where the magic lies.

141 Samples

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