Recorded Music in Creative Practices: Mediation, Performance, Education PDF

Recorded Music in Creative Practices: Mediation, Performance, Education brings new critical perspectives on recorded music research, artistic practice, and education into an active dialogue.

Although scholars continue to engage keenly in the study of recordings and studio practices, less attention has been devoted to integrating these newer developments into music curricula.

The fourteen chapters in this book bring fresh insight to the art and craft of recording music and offer readers ways to bridge research and pedagogy in diverse educational, academic, and music industry contexts. By exploring a wide range of genres, methods, and practices, this book aims to demonstrate how engaging with recordings, recording processes, material artefacts, studio spaces, and revised music history narratives means we can promote new understandings of the past, more creative performance in the present, and freer collaboration and experimentation inside and outside of the recording studio; enhance creative teaching and learning; inform and stimulate reform of the institutional processes and structures that frame musical training; and ultimately promote more diverse music curricula and communities of practice.

This book will be of value to educators, researchers, practitioners (performers, composers, recordists), students in music and music-related fields, recording enthusiasts, and readers with a keen interest in the subject.

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