Real Trumpet Sample Kit WAV

My name is Matt. I’m a trumpet player and I made this sample kit for producers, beat makers, and anyone who creates music. Midi trumpets sound like trash and some of the better ones are so ridiculously expensive. Also some of the other samples I’ve come across are so specific melodically that it’s hard to use them in any kind of flexible way when producing music.

Cool. So what’s in it?

  • TRUMPET HITS [every major & minor chord the trumpet can physically play]
  • 20 multi-tracked TRUMPET LOOPS [bpm included; use the whole loop or just pieces]
  • 14 single line TRUMPET LOOPS [bpm included; rock the loop or chop it up!]
  • 2 TRUMPET IMPROV tracks [long tracks of the trumpet improvising; great for sampling]
  • 2 TRUMPET PADS [it’s a pad… made with trumpets]

Sweet, sounds good. BUT WAIT!!! Are the samples royalty free???
Yep. 100% ROYALTY FREE. Use them in your beats and sell ’em, no prob. Use them in your commercially released tracks and go to #1 on the charts, it’s all good!
Just don’t resell the samples as a sample kit because that’s what I’m doing here and being original is MUCH cooler than following the herd.

Download link