RARE Percussion Afro Percs Vol.2 WAV

RARE Percussion Afro Percs Vol.2 WAV

The Afro Percs series spans a wide range of percussive instruments from the incredible musical continent of Africa. Thiol and Mbalax Sabar drums from Senegal, Kalimbas from South Africa, Djembe from Guinea, Tama from Mali, Talking Drums and Bata from Nigeria, and so many more incredible sounds and instrumentation from Africa.

Having traveled to many of the countries that the instruments in this pack are from, the instrumentation,sounds and styles you’ll here are performed by RARE percussion and inspired by tradition, while being designed for modern Afro beat makers or anyone creating productions inspired by African Music.

Drawing inspiration from modern Afrobeats to Afrobeat inspired by Fela Kuti to traditional rhythms, you will find samples made for a variety of styles.

Be on the look out for more Percussion packs from RARE percussion!

312 Samples

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