Pulsar Modular P455 MDN Sidecar

Pulsar Modular P455 MDN Sidecar v1.0.2 [WIN]

The P455 MDN Sidecar is a summing and 2-bus mixing and mastering audio plugin capturing the analog chain of Marc Daniel Nelson, a two-time Grammy and French Academy Award-nominated mixing engineer, music producer, creative director and educator.

The P455 delivers Marc’s analog workflow which includes analog summing, tube driven stereo imaging, 2-bus punchy stereo EQ, custom glue 2-bus compressor and the unique character of two high end analog to digital converters.

The P455 MDN Sidecar isn’t just a plugin; it’s a calibrated blend of Marc’s seasoned approach and Pulsar Modular progressive audio design with focus on musicality at each step of the signal path.

For years, Marc Daniel Nelson has been openly and graciously sharing his techniques and expertise. He is now taking this a step further and delivering his signature sound to you, without restrictions or compromise, through the P455 MDN Sidecar and P450 MDN EQ audio plugins.


  • P455 MDN Sidecar
  • Summing without need to insert a plugin on each channel
  • Different routings and options for a true analog workflow experience
  • Custom 2-bus compressor
  • 2-bus stereo proportional EQ
  • Two ADC emulations

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