Pulsar Modular Complete Effects Bundle 2024

Pulsar Modular Complete Effects Bundle for mixing and mastering high-quality sounds, is a robust and thorough passive EQ plugin. The program combines the strength of the top passive equalizers from the previous 70 years with a number of unique design elements to produce a completely original sound. With extremely rich sources like synth pads or synth basses, it can also be utilized as a sculpting tool. It features a straightforward and user-friendly graphic interface with a quick and adaptable process for producing high-quality sounds.


  • P11 Abyss v2.0.5
  • P42 Climax MOD v5.6.7
  • P44 Magnum v1.1.0
  • P422 Fairuz v0.2.1 Beta
  • P440 Sweet Spot v1.5.2
  • P450 MDN EQ v1.2.1
  • P455 MDN Sidecar v1.5.1
  • P565 Siren Filter Set v2.4.7
  • P915 Medusa v1.0.1

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