ProdViom Lotus Analog Collection [WAV MIDI PDF Analog Lab V Bank]

What is the Analog Collection?
Many producers lack access to pedals and analog synths, preventing them from achieving that authentic analog sound in their music. My Mission with the Lotus Analog Collection is giving every producer the chance to get that Analog Touch in their Music 100% Royalty Free, even without owning the actual physical products.

  • Lotus [Analog Lab V Bank]
  • Lotus [Accent Kit]
  • Lotus [Pedal Kit]
  • Lotus [Sample Pack]
  • Lotus [Texture Kit]
  • PDF-Files [Bonus]

UNIQUE SOUND DESIGN INSIDE OF LOTUS Unlock A New World Of Sounds And Presets

Mike Dean Inspiration
Embrace the essence of top Billboard Producers like Mike Dean and Metro Boomin. With the Lotus Analog Collection your inspiration is endless to craft Hits like these Producers. It enables you to draw inspiration from their style while adding your unique touch. With a blend of unique Trap Elements and Experimental Sounds, stand out from the crowd.
Here is what I mean, 100% Made purely using “Lotus”:

Nardo Wick Inspiration
The Lotus Analog Collection empowers you to craft his next Hit. With Lotus, you are able to capture Nardo Wick’s signature sound in your upcoming Track, but with your own unique style. Here is what I made 100% purely using Lotus:

Yeat Inspiration
These Wide and Strong Basses, powerful Arps, and that Futuristic style. Yeah I get you, No Need to search further, Because Lotus equips you with that distinctive sound. Sounds and Presets are included that are Inspired of Yeat’s album “2093”.

The Lotus Analog Collection Includes

Analog Lab V Bank
Unlock the Authentic Analog Sound with Presets Crafted from Analog Synths. Offering over 85 Analog Lab Presets with a wide range of different Presets such as Arps, Bass, Bells, Keys, Leads, Pads, Strings and Synths.

Accent Kit
If you’re looking to boost creativity or start a Track, This Accent Kit with over 70 Accents could be what you need. Whether it’s adding fillers, creating an entire track solely with accents or adding a good ear candy.

Pedal Kit
Get the Chance to Explore over 70 Pedal Phrases so you can start to add that Analog Touch to your Music. These are Made with Pedal Emulators that are listed below.

Sample Pack
Ensure consistency in your Beats with this Sample Pack loaded with Dark Samples. Beat block is common among producers. To combat it, we provide you with 25 Dark Samples to inspire your creativity.

Texture Kit
Fill Up scapes that feel empty in your Production, featuring over 75 High Quality Textures that are mostly inspired by Songs from Nardo Wick and Yeat’s album ‘2093’.

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