ProducerGrind INCEPTION Production Suite

ProducerGrind INCEPTION Production Suite [MULTIFORMAT]

A Multi-genre Toolset For Serious Producers…

  • 100% Royalty-Free and Multi-Genre Sample Library w/ stems that you can use as-is or as building blocks for creating your own melodies
  • Exclusive Bass, Keys, Bell, Pad, Synth, and Pluck One Shots + Accents and Textures to open up your creativity and make cooking up fun and easy!
  • Cheat-Code Melody MIDI Library destroys beat-block by providing you with customizable compositions for making your own top-tier melodies
  • Secret Bonus Drum Kit that will help you make hard hitting bangers like a Billboard-charting producer

Architect One Shot Collection
250 brand new Basses, Keys, Plucks, Synths, Pads, Guitars, Accents, Textures and Analog sounds.

ARCHITECT is a secret weapon stash! Using the melodic sounds and elements inside makes it easier for you to create high level melodies that will turn you into your network’s favorite samplemaker!

The beautiful thing about One Shots is that ANYONE can use them to make creative melodies and parts for their tracks. No need for expensive VSTs or software.

Inception Analog Lab V Soundbank
Gain access to the same exact presets we use regularly to create our best-selling samples!

Each of the 50 presets will inspire you to create masterpieces. They are also guaranteed to bring a fresh perspective to your own sound design.

Limbo Premium Drum Kit
Hard hitting 808s, Kicks, Snares, Hihats, and Percussion (our favorite) are processed to smack without needing extra plugins.

With LIMBO you will be able to create entire industry-level productions using only INCEPTION.

Here’s the thing; the difference between PG drums and the ones found from other companies is that our drums are verifiably designed and not recycled, renamed, and sold to you on repeat.

Each drum sound is tested in real productions to make sure it smacks where it matters. LIMBO is here in industry-quality to take your productions from great to perfect.
Extraction Melody Midi Library

Drag and drop any of these 150 customizable MIDI melodies into your piano roll for instant inspiration. Overcome beat block and get a vibe going in your studio with ease!

It’s no secret that we love MIDI. Why? MIDI has no bounds. Drag a MIDI clip into any composition regardless of key or BPM, and customize to your heart’s content!

To make it easy for you to find a certain vibe, each composition has been categorized into different styles: Boom Bap, Nostalgic, Dark, Cinematic, PluggNB, Bouncy Melodic, and RnB.

This 100% Royalty-free Production Suite Contains:

  • 200 Royalty-Free Melody Samples
  • 1235 Individual Stems
  • 150 Premium Melody MIDI
  • 150 Designed Instrument Shots
  • 50 Beautiful and Useful Accents
  • 50 Delicate and Creative Textures
  • 50 Analog Lab V Presets
  • 150 Premium Crafted Drum Shots
  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

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