Plugin Boutique DC Snares v1.0.0 [WIN]

The Ultimate Construction Kit
The ultimate snare construction kit has arrived. Created by multi-award-winning artist Davide Carbone, DC Snares is designed to simplify your workflow and add serious impact to your productions. Whether you are exploring hundreds of custom-made onboard sounds, experimenting with the purpose-built synth engine, in-built randomiser or simply layering your own samples, this efficient plugin makes creating powerful snares easier and more intuitive than ever.

And for when you want to be able to shape and mangle your snares, DC Snares has you covered. Explore powerful pitch and amp envelopes with waveform displays that respond in real-time, a bespoke snare-oriented rearrangeable effect chain, including modules such as the ‘Sizzler’, ‘Transient Shaper’ and ‘Resonator’, as well as a four-slot sample layering system offering endless possibilities.

Perform your snares using the internal sequencer engine, designed to make playing and programming snare rolls intuitive and fun. Perform pitch-able triplet rolls or straight divisions. Or just play your snares chromatically.
DC Snares is just as useful at making kicks, bass, hats, rims, claps and provides all the percussive power you need for your next track.

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